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August 25, 2021

Section 504 Home Repair Grants For Senior Citizens

August 25, 2021 0

Grants promise to reduce sufferings for senior citizens or elderly members. Therefore, senior citizens can receive different home repair grants from various programs. The program aims at making their lives better.

Free money aid comes from the Federal government. This is a program to help seniors to lead a fit and healthy life. Simultaneously, senior citizen home repair grants program wants to ease the hardships. However, the govt considers a few things to help elderly persons in the U.S.

home repair grants for senior citizens

At first, the govt assesses their ability to earn. It determines if they have enough money to lead a life. But, with times they become unfit. Hence, they cannot adjust to various factors of living on a fixed earning.

While being safe depends on the better housing facilities, most seniors lack these essential units. At the same time, elderly persons fail to improve their living conditions with a limited income.

However, if you are 60 or older, you can apply for senior citizen home repair grant programs. And for you, various types of home repair grant programs work best.

Here, we can discuss the government 504 program home repair grants. This program is the best fit for every senior in the U.S. It helps with home improvements and necessary repairs at your housing units. However, you must make use of the available resources of the grant money appropriately.

Availability Of Federal Grant For Housing Improvement And Repairs

The U.S Department of Agriculture administers a program known as the section 504 Loan and Grant Program. This program sometimes is known as “Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loan and Grant Program”. The program is intended to help low-income family and seniors aged 60 or older make necessary repairs and improvement to their living space if they have no necessary finance to do.

As per the rules of 504 Loan and Grant Program, you can use the loan assistant to remove health hazards from your place, while the free money of grant can be used to make your habitat useable and accessible for the members with disabilities.

Various Home Improvement Grants

The USDA administers a home improvement program. This is called as section 504 Loan and Grant Program. This program sometimes is known as “Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loan and Grant Program”.

The program works for you only if you are from low-income families. Or else, you must be above 60 years of age. With the free money of the grant, you can make changes to your housing units. However, at first, you must have no finance for the project. And therefore, you can use the money to modify your house.

Improvements to do with the free money

According to 504 Loan and Grant Program, you can use funds for certain types of improvements. Remove health hazards from your place if any. And improve movements all across your living space. This would make your habitat usable and accessible at ease. Therefore, members with disabilities can move freely.

The Rural Housing Service (RHS) manages the funding distributions. The same organization distributes funds from the rural development field office.

How You Can Apply To The Grant Program

The process of application to the 504 Rural Housing Programs is easy. It is not complicated like land and housing development governmental projects. So, you do not require extensive knowledge to get the grant. The USDA program is a kind of DIY project. Therefore, you can apply to it easily. And you do not require spending any heavy consultation fees.

Sometimes, the demand remains quite high for loans and grants. And hence they can exceed the supply. In such a situation, you must talk to experts. This would help you know your conditions. Simultaneously, it can increase your chance of grant accessibility. The Rural Development office may assist you in this situation. So, do not hesitate to ask for help. 

Things to Do To Increase Your Chance

You can find crucial information about the USDA housing program. This is useful during the application process. So, know them properly.

This helps submit an accurate application. At the same time, it reduces errors and keeps your chance secure.
  • First of all, know about the grant purposes as stated by the law. In this case, the rural authority may help you.
  • Sometimes misinterpretation may take place. So, try to avoid it. Always seek help from an expert. They can better explain legal issues.
  • Always follow the agency instruction as provided to you by the Rural Development office prior to making an application to the department.
  • You are liable to receiving the home repair grants assistance only it is available to the applicants. Hence, it is crucial you file the application as early as possible.

What Is Your Eligibility?

For every senior citizen, it is mandatory to be as old as 62 years of age or older. Under section 504, your income must be so low as to be only meant for covering the small portion of the home repair or improvement works. Hence, you can easily apply to the loan and grant program and get free money assistance for your housing improvement.

Remember, you cannot use the grant amount for landscape renovation. You can use it to improve the condition of living space only.

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July 12, 2021

Housing Loans For Single Mothers-Home Finance Options For Moms

July 12, 2021 0
Housing loans for single mothers: first time home buyer loan finance potions for single moms

One of the main challenges that single mothers face is getting a safe and a secured place for accommodation for herself and her children. There is often a need of financial assistance as their income has certain limitations on how much she can spend on their homes.

Not all women raising their children fall under the category of low income group and so each person's financial need is different.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers several grants for single mothers through various nonprofit organizations, recognized private and public organizations, local and state authorities, churches and other community action agencies.

Some of the most reputed loans which are offered by the government are as follows:

housing loans For Single Moms

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Single moms who are looking for home loan financing for single moms can consider applying for this loan. Once the loan is insured the participating lender can offer a better deal to the borrower than that of a conventional loan.

For the first time buyer FHA Loan means minimum interest of 3.5 per cent as opposed to 5 per cent which is the normal rate of interest for purchasing a house.

The FHA program was developed to provide mortgage insurance for a home purchase or refinancing of the existing home. The loan could be funded by any approved lender with HUD as the insurer.

HUD 203(K)

This is another program set up to get people funding they need to purchase or refinance the home with the repair or improvement cost included in it in advance. In case of the loan mentioned, the money is advanced by the approved lender.

As a condition, HUD 203(K) is only available to people planning to occupy the home themselves. The down payment required for this type of mortgage is 3.5 per cent of the purchase price plus the repair costs for the property.

Local Resources

Single moms who are struggling financially may be able to get help buying a home from local authorities and organizations. Some charitable groups and government organizations provide grants and low interest loans to citizens who want to buy homes yet do not qualify for traditional mortgage funding.

Federal funding offering down payment assistance to single mothers has been dissolved. Instead there are many local authorities which are still offering help to the low income single mothers. So, if you are a single mother and you fall under one of these categories, then you can be eligible for one such program.

Individual Development Accounts (IDA) is a matched savings plan and helps those who are with limited income, allocating funds towards the purchase of a new home. This plan continuously encourage single mothers in building their own assets and preserving wealth.

Down Payment Assistance Program by Location is offered mainly to first time home buyer. The agencies that are offering such assistance are:
  • Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission'
If you want to know more about Down Payment Assistance Program then look into the HUD Directory.

United States of Department of Agriculture (USDA) works for single mother who are searching for home in the rural area catering to the low and mid income level women.

Habitat for Humanity believes in a "world where everyone has a decent place to live" and gives low income single mother an opportunity to have a home of her own. If the loan gets approved, then there will be a nominal down payment and easy installments to pay back the loans

Fannie Mae offers residential properties for sale through Home Path Properties Program. The houses are available in extremely subsidized rates as they are foreclosures and are eligible for Home Path Financing. This offers easy mortgage terms and conditions and has an option low down payment.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/
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June 17, 2021

First Time Home Buyer Grants-HUD Housing For Low Income Families

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First Time Home Buyer Grants-Get your latest HUD housing grants for low income families and live securely in affordable and decent house with your family

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development seeks to offer affordable and decent housing conditions for the low income earning families facing homelessness or poor living conditions.

In 2016 HUD has implemented grants and housing benefit programs that help needy families and households to avail safe housing and clean neighborhoods.

States, counties, local governments and community action agencies offer housing grants, funds and assistance through the federal government to families requiring affordable homes. Read the article for the updated first time home buyer grants for low income families and apply soon.

Housing and Community Development Grants

hud housing grants free

On Sept 12th 2016, HUD awarded 77 Native American communities in the country $56.5 million for the betterment and improvement of their living conditions, residential conditions, community developments and suitable environments. The aim of the program is to provide affordable housing and better economic conditions for the Native Americans communities.

The grant program is part of the Indian Community Development Block Grant that was initiated in 1977 for housing and community developments. The grant amount can be used for house building, remodeling or repairing old house, infrastructural developments of roads, sewer or water facilities or purchasing plots for housing.

Federal Housing Administration Program

The FHA has announced to offer assistance programs to help deprived families from foreclosures and retain their houses. The program will enforce new procedures for mortgage services to help them utilize a better process to avoid foreclosures for low income families

A new and improved process will be initiated to be used by servicers while assessing foreclosure options and home retention alternatives for the borrowers.

The streamlined process will reduce the hassles of servicers and borrowers to determine a delinquency and mitigate the problem. Moreover, the improved program will offer more flexibility to evaluate unemployed borrower for forbearance agreement.

Veteran Homelessness Assistance Programs

In July’16 HUD awarded $5 million to almost 42 local housing authorities engaged in eliminating veteran homelessness in the country. By offering additional funds HUD is supporting such housing authorities across the nation to strengthen their work and initiate a joint program between HUD and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide immediate services and permanent homes to veterans facing homelessness.

In August HUD and VA have again announced to offer funding for eradicating homelessness for veterans in 7 states. The grant amount will be presently given to 108 veterans through the HUD-VASH i.e. HUD-veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.

New Housing Trust Fund

In 2016 HUD allocated almost $174 million for affordable and decent housing for the low income families. The fund has been allocated through Housing Trust Fund, a new housing program that will now function along with the state, local and federal services for better, safer and more affordable living conditions and housing for the homeless, low and very low income earning families.

Almost $10 million has been given to each state that will be utilized by the state housing planners for work like acquisition of real property, site development and improvement, demolition, planning and administrative costs, relocation help and rental housing operating cost assistance.

Check your HUD housing grants for low income families and start applying soon for your house at the most affordable price.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/
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May 8, 2021

VA Home Loan Programs For First Time Home Buying-Apply Now

May 08, 2021 0

VA home loan programs are comprehensive resources for home buying for active military personnel, veterans, service members and their spouses.

Home buying is one of the costliest expenses in today’s market scenario. It is hard to arrange enough financial resources to buy a home of your dreams.

However, if you serve your nation to ensure its safety, you have the priority in the first place to avail all the best benefits of VA home loans.

The easiest draw of VA loans is its zero-down payment criteria; requiring for no credit leniency and income requisite to apply for it as opposed to traditional methods of first time home buying loans.

va home loan programs

Additionally, it has lower interest rates in comparison to conventional home loans and doesn’t ask for private mortgage insurance. You can grab the opportunity to get the federal funding assistance for a new home. It is the best home loan program for you right at the moment.

Currently, VA loans are the best available home loan programs for veterans having served in the country’s military forces. According to Trulia, it is VA loans that enable about 79% veterans all across the nation to purchase their own homes. Compared to 63% of non-veteran individuals.

In addition to this, in the last couple of years, the number of VA loans has grown; but the applicants to this federal housing assistance program have significantly gone down.

And, despite its easier process of the loan disbursement and other benefits, more and more military service personnel and veterans do not use this first time home buying grant to the fullest potential.

Why Veterans Prefer Conventional Loans To VA Home Loan Programs?

The foremost reason for declining interests of the veterans towards VA loan is unawareness and negligence.

Most veterans do not have enough knowledge about how this loan program works. They often assume this federal funding opportunity as inferior loan products.

At the same time, lenders play unscrupulous tactics by not promoting the features of the VA loans. They present their own veteran products in a larger spectrum and encourage them to go for it to increase the interests of the bank.

Furthermore, VA loans are time-consuming and effort-intensive process as compared to conventional loans. This does not yield high profits for the lenders.

Thereby, it is lenders who do not want you to benefit from VA home loans, rather encourage you to choose their products. But, if you are aware and determined to get benefits from the federal government, you can easily qualify for it.

The Process of VA Loans

If you want to purchase your principal home; you are entitled to borrowing as much as $417,000 with no down payment and no debt ratio.

Hence, its benefits are quite higher than conventional loans. You can even apply for home loans in case you want to refinance your existing loan.

How To Apply For It?

All veterans and most members serving presently in the military service can apply for VA home loans. They can apply for this loan after six months of their active service in the field.

Several Eligibility Criteria

Active participation for 90 consecutive days during wartime

Offered service for 181 days during peacetime

Six years of long active participation in the National Reserve or Guard

The spouse married to a service member, who has lost his life during the service

In order to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility, the eligibility criteria remain the same. You can ask your lender to get one, or you can apply online at VA.Gov.

It is better you apply it through a lender as it increases your chances of qualification.

Hence, never overlook the benefits of VA loans, and apply for it today to purchase your own home.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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April 2, 2021

Free Solar Panel Grants-Energy Efficient Solar For Homeowners

April 02, 2021 0
Solar panel grants offer people, companies and communities with the chance to make an investment in innovative green energy technologies which will reduce environmental impacts and boost energy cost benefits. 

These kinds of grants can range from $1,500 to $500,000. Eligibility is dependent on region, kind of project, relevance and entire cost-benefit analysis.

Grants for solar panels are generally offered to you via a few different providers. The three main agencies continue to be the United States Federal Government, your State Government, and from the regional utility company. 

Grants, specialized credits and incentives through these kinds of sources are going to help you triumph over the largest challenge of the installation of solar panels, their start up cost.
free solar panel grants

Federal Government Grants For Solar Panels

The federal government provides the Tribal Energy Program Grant, the United States Department of Treasury provides Renewable Energy Grants and the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Grants. Each has its own framework and standards concentrating on diverse principles and goals.

Most solar panel grants are typically geared towards organizations across the country for innovative designs within government and educational agencies.

In a lot of situations, the cash is passed to the states, not exclusively supplied from the federal government itself.

You might also be eligible for a tax credit from the federal government. You will be able to utilize this tax credit at the time you submit your tax return at the conclusion of the year.

The form you will need to include along with your standard tax return is, Form 5695 Residential Energy Credit. This grant is offered into 2016.

It might be beneficial to acquire the services of a tax preparer or CPA to help you when applying for solar panel grants. You need to make the most of every item to gain total advantage of this tax credit.

Likewise, keeping all the receipts for any sort of expenses incurred from your solar panel project is important if the IRS carries out an audit. As long as you are able to provide paperwork for all your expenses, you should never have trouble with the IRS.

State or Local Government

Solar panel grants, refunds, or credits will definitely differ from state to state. Try to be sure to investigate exactly what is offered in your local area. You are able to check online at the Database for State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency website. Here you will be able to check out the numerous solar rebates available in your area.

Certain states, like Illinois and New Jersey, provide direct free grants to homeowners. The IRS looks at the grant like income and will tax the amount as part of your earnings.

Most subsidies are usually for photovoltaic or PV systems due to the fact they provide the dual role of heating a residence and cutting down electrical consumption.

Certain states provide the subsidies to qualified contractors who pass the cost benefits to consumers. A solid example of this is the state of Pennsylvania. It provides a Sustainable Energy Fund which helps to make funding accessible to qualified companies.

One of the primary benefits of these types of indirect grants is that they are non-taxable.

Utility Companies

Utility companies might offer energy saving credits or refunds to assist to lessen your out-of-pocket fees for certified energy conserving devices. This will change depending on the state you reside in.

Any sort of extra refund will considerably assist to lower some of your costs, specifically in cases that you are getting your solar panel installment done by a private company.

Having said that, for many property owners the price of having solar power systems installed by a professional just isn't in their budget. Many people are actually opting to build and install their own solar panel systems since it is a more affordable choice.

"DIY" guides provide a cost-effective alternative and chances are you may still be able to take advantage of solar panel grants as well. 

Whether you decide to become energy efficient by way of a professional contractor or decide to do it yourself, you definitely will benefit in the long term. Due to the steady increase in fuel expenses, you may recoup your investment sooner than you thought.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7177011

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March 17, 2021

Government Offers Free Home Improvement-Grants For Teachers

March 17, 2021 1

US Government Offers Free Home Improvement Grants For Teachers-Apply For Free Home Repair Grants to Modify and Renovate Your Old Home

The US Government has introduced grants for citizens from all walks of life. It is only in the recent years the government has come up with various programs for the teachers and the other public servants.

In this approach of the government, multiple nonprofits, private and public organizations, welfare societies and other community action agencies are extending their support.

Free Home Improvement Grants For Teachers

Some of the important free home improvement grants for teachers have been discussed below:

Teacher Next Door

This is one of the best known programs for the teachers in the US. This program is applicable for those who are fulltime teachers or administrators in the kindergarten through grade 12 in the public or private organizations.

This program allows them to buy HUD-owned homes for as much as 50 percent off the enlisted price, only on the condition if they agree to use the house as their only residence for at least next three years.

You can also check- HUD Offering $35000 Home Repair Grants For Low Income Families

Housing For Heroes

This is yet another program with special considerations for the teachers and other professionals. Candidates are provided with wide variety of options for those purchasing homes in the communities in which they work. 

Among the list of options, there are various forms of assistance shared such as tax breaks, down payment assistance, lower interest rates, subsidized loans and lower closing costs.

Some of the other benefits are also shared such as life insurance and 100 percent financing. There is another variation of this program is to forgive some of the loans if the teacher agrees to work in the district or in some backward schools for a certain period of time.

Good Neighbor Next Door

The government always believes that the teachers and other core professionals are always in need in a particular locality as they can help in stabilizing the neighborhood.

However, this is one of the home improvement grants for teachers that offer a 50 percent discount on the purchase price of a HUD-owned property in certain areas. The parameters of this program are almost similar to that of the Teacher Next Door.

Check out- Free Home Repair Grants For Low Income Single Moms

Local Teachers Assistance Programs

Teachers all across the country may be eligible for various local and state grant programs. One of the best and the most reputed amongst these programs are Chicago Public School System, which is association with lending institutions and property management companies, help in subsidizing both rent and purchase of housing.

Under this program, teachers are eligible for up to $7,500 of assistance in purchasing a home. This program not only help recruit teachers in the particular, but helps in reforming the neighborhood with the best of capabilities

Other Programs

California is one of the main states that offer specific beneficial programs for teachers in high priority schools. The goal of this California program is to help recruit and retain teachers as high priority by giving them assistance in the down payment.

San Francisco also offers several programs to the teachers in the San Francisco Unified District. These programs offer assistance for down payment, mortgage credits and below market rate home loans.

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January 20, 2021

Free Home Insulation Grants-Replace Windows And Roofs With Grants

January 20, 2021 0
Did you know that you could be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with home insulation grants?

Home insulation grants are available to a wide range of people and include loft insulation and cavity wall insulation which are both an effective way to improve your property and make sure that you are saving money.

Since the vast majority of all heat lost from the home is through the walls and roof, insulating them will help stop heat escaping and mean that you won't have to put your heating on so high to warm your home. With the home improvement grants that are available, you can get help to greatly reduce the cost of home insulation and for certain people it can even be free.

The method for finding out if you are eligible for getting grants for loft, roof replacement, window replacement and cavity wall insulation is a simple four step process.
First of all you need to check your area to see if it qualifies for any insulation grants. Different regions are eligible for home improvement grants where as some are not so this is the first criterion that needs to be checked.

A simple postcode check on an insulation grants website will inform you if the street you live on is eligible for any of the insulation grants that are available.

Since there are different types of insulation, the second step is to select what types you would like to have installed. It is not just deciding if you want loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or both though as there are different types for each.

For example, for loft insulation there are different methods of insulation such as laying the insulation on the loft floor or installing it under the tiles for sloping roofs.

To be eligible for cavity wall insulation, you will also have to know whether your house was built between 1924 and 1982, which has a factor on if you are eligible for cavity wall insulation grants.

There are different levels of grants available depending on your eligibility, so step three is to check to see if you are eligible for a full or partial grant.

There are a number of factors as to what insulation grants you will be able to receive and whether it is a full or partial grant. This includes whether you own or rent your property and if you rent, whether it's privately or council rented.

Any benefits that you receive including council tax, housing or jobseekers allowance also have an effect on what grant you are eligible for. Your age is also another factor that determines what type of grant you will get, with people aged 70 or over can have the entire cost of a loft insulation covered for free by insulation grants.

Once you have checked all of the above factors, the final step to find out your eligibility for insulation grants is to have a survey undertaken on your property. This is usually a free survey to ascertain your properties suitability for any insulation jobs that will be performed.

If you are having a survey done for loft insulation, then remember to tidy up your loft so that the surveyor can move about and undertake the survey easily.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6560339

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January 15, 2021

Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers-Home Buyer Grants

January 15, 2021 0
Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers-Home Buyer Grants For Low Income Families, Single Moms, Senior Citizens, Teachers and More

If you are a younger couple and you may be planning on buying home, you know how difficult it is. Together with the economic climate being what it is right now, it could in fact be the best period to buy your very first dwelling.

I know the banks and mortgage lenders may not be simply making it easy to get a mortgage. It really is unique just how the banks are carrying out business right? They need people to purchase properties however they happen to be making it more difficult to secure a loan.

There is certainly good news however! You will find government agencies which have been providing important information that will allow you to get on your way to getting government first time home buyer grants.

The government grants for first time home buyers is making it promising for many who thought they could not afford a home to get it faster than they believed possible.

Needless to say one of the qualifying criteria for the government grants for first time home buyers is that you have not formerly owned real estate.

Another factor in obtaining this particular grant money is you ought to have a favorable credit record and be pre-approved for a mortgage. Be certain to ask the bank you want to do business with if they encourage a payment in advance from a first time home buyers program.

Your first step to be eligible for a first time home buyers grant is to get pre-approved by your bank. The next phase is to schedule a meeting together with the particular area representative for the grant. Your bank can certainly lead you in the best direction here.

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The really good factor about obtaining the government grant for first time home buyers is that you will not have to pay off this money. Make sure you understand the provision of the grant because there may be something revealing you need to live in the home for a given amount of time.

I'm positive that it is not going to be a problem for you. The grants have these type of checks and balances for the reason that they need to safeguard from people attempting to game the system.

You can just envision individuals wanting to acquire properties and then trying to make cash by marketing them at a higher rate.

Do not let a provision such as this stop you from getting a house by applying for the home buyer grant. That is the reason you should be informed. Some may say if you sell your residence within a specified amount of time, you will need to pay back the grant money.

If that is the case for you, no problem, your house may have increased in value anyway. So none of your money is really being used.

The first time home buyers program is an exceptional way for you to get into your initial house. Think about how great it will feel to have your own property and be a first time home owner. You can probably already imagine the family get together and the holiday parties, can not you!!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4547402
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