July 2020 - Home Property Grants-Free and Approved

July 10, 2020

Free Home Repair Grants Assistance For Disabled Single Mothers

July 10, 2020 0
Get the required improvement and renovations done with the HUD home repair grants for disabled single mothers and live a comfortable and secured life.

Disabled mothers often require home repair work for eased living and better accessibility. At times the repair work might be an urgent need for their safe & secured living but for low income earning mothers the modification work can be a big financial worry.

Apply for hud free home repair grants with the federal government, state offices, community agencies and nonprofits if you require modification, alteration or repair done. Forget your financial worries and start applying now.

Free HUD Home Repair Grants For You

Urgent Repair Program: people with special needs can get help from the Urgent Repair Program for immediate repairs in their homes. Individuals with income below 50% of the area median income and people with special needs can avail critical repairs such as septic systems, rotten floors, heating systems or accessibility modifications. The funds are available from the local organizations and state governments.

Home Repair Grants For Disabled Mothers

Single Family Rehabilitation Program

If an individual’s income is 80% of the area median income, they can avail assistance for major home repairs from the Single-Family Rehabilitation. The local organizations also supervise the repair work and provide funds for rehabilitation of homes.


Single mothers may receive home repair grants from the United States Department of Agriculture. Home repair grants like Mutual Self Help Housing Program and Housing Preservation Grants offer financial aid for improving or repairing of roofs, ceiling, floors, stairs, heating systems, electrical wiring, removing health hazards etc.


Home repair assistance programs can be availed from charities and nonprofits like Community Action Agencies, The National Fuel Funds Network, NeighborWorks local organizations, Salvation Family Emergency Services, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Rebuilding Together and others.


The home appliances require up-gradation from time to time for energy efficiency. The federal government initiated grants like the Weatherization Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and LIHEAP Crisis Program. These grant programs offer services like wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, minor home repairs and energy saving measures that reduce utility bills.

504 Single Family Housing Repair Program

It offers loans at low interest rates to very low income earners for home repairing and improvement work and to remove safety and health hazards. A maximum of $25,000 for loan amount and $8,500 for grants are available.

Applicants can also get a combined grant and loan amount of $30,500 for home modification work. The basic eligibility criteria to apply are:

  • Must be the homeowner and the occupant
  • Should not be able to get credit from anywhere
  • Applicants should have less than 50 percent of the area median income
  • Must be 62 years or older to get grants
There are many federal grants too like HUD, CBDG, FHA and USDA that offer home repair grants to disabled single moms. Assistance is also available from State Housing Finance Agencies, Local Independent Living Center (ILC), local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).

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July 7, 2020

Government Home Improvement Grants For Individuals With Bad Credit

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Apply For Government Home Improvement Grants For Low Income Individuals With Bad Credit

After purchasing your dream home, it might require some up-gradation, repair or improvements for the safety and security of the family members. Well, that might cost some dollars that might be difficult for you shell out from your pocket, especially with low income and limited savings. Improvement work like home energy efficiency, making it hazard free, essential installations or enhancing the security is often required.

New Jersey offers its residents with some home improvement grants that help in covering the home repair expenses and fulfill the safe dwelling purpose of the family members. Apply today for the low income home improvement grants.

home improvement grants for individuals

List of Home Repair Grants in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey offers home repair or improvement grants for a safe and secured living of its residents. For any up-gradation work, repairing or making it hazard free, you can apply for the home improvement grants exclusively for the New Jersey residents.

Union County Home Improvement Program

Union County Home Improvement Program is funded by the Union County with Community Development Block Grant Funds that helps to rehabilitate homes for the residents of Union County. The program enables moderate and low income families to avail funds for repairing or improvement of their houses. Eligible families can be inhabitants of Cranford, Kenilworth, Fanwood, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, Berkeley Heights, Garwood, Clark, Summit, Springfield, Roselle, Hillside, Roselle Park, New Providence and Westfield.

The home improvement programs offered by the Union County are

Replacement, up-gradation or repairing of plumbing and electrical systems, substandard heating, code violation repairing, structural repairs, stabilization measures, lead based paint remediation and energy saving programs like new windows, insulation and storm doors.

For the improvement work the program offers a deferred payment loan of maximum $29,999. To be eligible for the program, homeowners of the above mentioned locations must have income less than 80% of the Median Area Income.

The limits of the income are mentioned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Moreover, the applicants need to state the ages of the family members of the concerned home and the home improvement needs.

During the execution of the work the program staff will make a complete work write-up, re-evaluate contractor bids, inspect the work progress for quality standards and finally re-visit after the completion of the work to inspect.

Apply for the programs and get help from the program staffs about the work procedure and the guidelines to follow.

Weatherization Assistance

New Jersey offers funds for Weatherization Assistance to disabled, elderly and eligible residents with low income. If your home is damaged by a storm or needs improvements to survive forthcoming storms then you may qualify for the program.

Moreover, it also offers funding for energy efficiency of the house to reduce utility bills.

In addition to these, there are grant money awarded for specific home improvement or repair work. They may be also targeted for specific communities or localities. Pay a visit to your local town hall and seek for assistance for your home.

Besides these, there are federal grants offering monetary support for home improvements.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Home Repair Grants)

For residents residing in underdeveloped or rural sectors, the Rural Development division offers grant money for repair and rehabilitation of homes, housing preservation and farm labor housing. Eligibility for the programs is based on age and income level of the family.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD has funds reserved for home improvement programs in New Jersey, administered by the Community Development Block Grant Fund program.
  • New Jersey affiliates of Habitat for Humanity
  • New Jersey Office of Consumer Protection
  • New Jersey housing program guide for consumers
  • New Jersey Consumer Affairs that gives home improvement tips
  • New Jersey Citizen Action for home improvement loan counseling
Applicants seeking for home improvements grants can also search in Grants.gov site for specific funding programs. Apply and get your funds for a secured, safe decent living standard.

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July 6, 2020

Free Home Repair Grants For Disabled Veterans Renovate Home

July 06, 2020 1
Get your Veteran free home repair grants and avail free money to repair and renovate your home for safe and independent living.

The transition of Veterans from the defense life to civilian life poses hurdles in the way to get secured jobs or decent earning opportunities. Veterans need to struggle to make a living with their meager savings post retirement or voluntary retirement due to some physical ailment. Disability further accentuates the problems as they require home repairing finances for better accessibility and to cope up with their injuries or damages caused to health.

The federal government, private organizations and the military departments offer financial help and grants to disabled Veterans for home repair needs. Get your free home repair grants and make your home a better place to live in.

Free Home Repair Grants For Disabled Veterans

Federal Free Home Repair Grants

Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA): Both service related and non service related Veterans may avail the HISA program for their home repair needs for disability treatment process and/or for better accessibility in the residence. The HISA grants are offered to those disabled Veterans who have been advised for medical treatment for which certain home renovations or alterations are essential.

Service-connected Veterans may receive $7,500 and non service-connected Veterans may receive $2,500.

Special Home Adaptation (SHA) Grant

Veterans with specific service related disabilities are eligible for SHA grant. A grant amount up to $12,756 is offered to Veterans and service members for modifying and repairing their houses. The disability compensation is given to Veterans for:
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Both eye blindness and having 5/200 vision or less
  • Anatomical loss, loss of both hands, extreme injury below elbow

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant

The SAH gives grant amount up to $73,780 for construction of homes, better adaptability or removing obstacles for ease in moving for service related disabled Veterans. The disability compensation is given for:

  • Total loss of use or loss of both lower extremities, requiring usage of wheelchair, braces, crutches etc
  • Blindness in both eyes and loss of one lower extremity
  • Total loss of use or loss of both upper extremities
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Organic injury/disease with loss of use of one lower extremity or one upper extremity

Nonprofit Organizations

Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps

The program primarily offers critical home repairs grants for Veterans such as interior and exterior work, removal of health, safety and life hazards, modification for better accessibility, repairing of required materials, re-configuring of space, installing any mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems and others. Qualified Veterans can also receive standard home repairs from Habitat.

Renovating Hope

Injured Veteran homeowners and American service members can get grants home repair and remodeling from the nonprofit organization. Veterans need to describe the current home condition, the required repair needs and any special needs if they have and send an email to the organization. They may also speak to the representatives for assistance.

More organizations like Salvation Army, Active Heroes, Home Depot Foundation, HelpAmerica Foundation and The Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann Foundation offer home repair and renovation services for free.

Apply soon for home repair grants for disabled Veterans and enjoy a well secured and independent living in your own house.

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