June 2020 - Home Property Grants-Free and Approved

June 26, 2020

Loans and Grants For Low Income Homeowners With Bad Credit

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The U.S. government has taken the initiative to offer loans and grants to home owners with low earnings or thin bank balance to facilitate a healthy and secured livelihood for all. Implementing the decisions, The Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants program, governed by the US Department of Agriculture, gives loans and grants with the mission to improve, develop, repair, renovate, modernize and eradicate safety hazards in rural residing areas.

In 2019, USDA Rural Development spent more than $425 million for repairs, homeownership and housing assistance for rural Nebraska families. According to Maxine Moul, Nebraska State Director of USDA Rural Development, the Fiscal Year 2020 will offer better aid and financial help for the rural residents for their further development.

USDA Rural Development facilitates two loan programs- the Single Family Housing Direct Loan program and the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan program, offering 100% financing for house ownership at reasonable rates through approved lenders.

If you too fall into the low income bracket, looking for house ownership or repairs, apply for these grants/loans immediately for a secured living.

Grants For Low Income Homeowners

Eligibility Criteria for Qualifying

To qualify for the loans there are certain eligibility criteria to be fulfilled:
  • You need to be a homeowner with considerable low income i.e. below 50 percent of the area median income
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a resident of rural area
  • You need to be 62 years or more
  • You must not be able to repay a Section 504 loan

The Set Terms for the Homeowners Loan

For low income house-owners, loans can be granted for a tenure of up to 20 years at an interest charge of 1 percent. For beneficiaries who are 62 years of age or older, grants may be arranged which can be used for minor alterations like repairs and improvements, limited only to remove safety or health hazards. For applicants who can repay part of the cost, loan/grant combination may be arranged too.

Amount of loan and grants are restricted to $30,000 and $8,500 respectively. Both can be combined for a maximum of $38,500 in assistance. For loans of $7,500 or more a real estate mortgage and a full title service is required. In case the property gets sold in less than three years the grants may also be forfeited.

In rural areas or communities with less than 20,000 people, homes can be repaired using USDA Funds. Various repairs and maintenance including insulation, plumbing, electrical fixes, water and septic systems etc. can be done using these funds. Moreover, it also offers accessibility to disabled people.

So, if you have an aging home with old roofs, doors, window, unsecured arrangements or health hazards, you can seek for financial aid for the repair work or the needed enhancements. These loans and grants enable low income earners to make the necessary restorations and replacements that are otherwise quite impossible for them. Through this USDA program a family can avail $3,000 loan with just monthly payment being $13.80. Apply for the loans/grants today if your home too requires restoration.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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June 22, 2020

Free HUD Housing Grants For Needy Families In Michigan

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HUD first time home buyer grants for needy families in michigan-Better housing choices ensure your security and safety while removing hazards and making your life better.

But, finding one and arranging money to bear the housing rentals and other improvement costs is not that easy. In such a situation, granting of federal money to the assigning authorities brings relief as it raises your chances of winning the federal grant for your rentals or paying your home improvement costs.

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $3.5 million housing grants to the people of Michigan to facilitate the development of better housing and maintaining their homes.

The Recipients Of The Federal Grants For Housing Grants

The HUD has announced as much as $2.3 million free home buyer grants to GreenPath, a Farmington Hill-based non-profit agency. The rest amount has been awarded to other organizations like Oakland County Housing Counseling, Grand Rapids Urban League, and North Michigan Community Action Agency to name a few.

first time home buyer grants michigan

The grant declaration to these organizations ensures the right engagement of more applicants from needy low-income families and increases their chances of winning these housing grants from the various HUD authorized agencies.

Home ownership is a promising scope to build wealth around better housing opportunities, according to HUD officials. In Michigan, 73% of people have the opportunity for home ownership. As per the HUD officials, the improvement of better housing opportunities for home ownership and ownership process all across Michigan has been successful due to the successful counseling workshops.

How The HUD First Time Home Buyer Grants Will Help People In Michigan

According to HUD officials, about 68.000 households will benefit from these federal grant programs through GreenPath agency all across Michigan. Since the recently announced federal housing grant program is part of the $47 million grant program in the U.S.; it is likely to facilitate the home ownership in Michigan, which is standing at 72.9 percent currently, higher than the national homeownership rate.

The new program is designed to counsel more and more people to encourage them and apply for more such homeownership grants. The counseling involves in-depth observation of the processes about how people use the funds for home ownership and how effectively they use the funds for the purpose.

Kristen Holt, the president of the GreenPath agency, has welcomed the grant reward to their organization and expressed their gratitude to HUD while promising to help those people seeking their advice for home ownership.

According to GreenPath, the eligibility of the applicants is reviewed based on some criteria such as financial conditions, debts if any, and savings and planning for the future. It is the responsibility of the recipients of the grant award to help people focus on their housing needs and achieve them.

As with many housing programs administered by the Michigan government, the ESG is another type of housing choice program, which emphasizes putting an end to the housing crisis and bring stability to people’s life by reducing homelessness.

With regard to this, Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program administered by Michigan State Housing Development Authority, aims at developing more emergency shelters and preventing homelessness to ensure re-establishing of the housing for low income families across Michigan. This program is carried out as the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act, 2009 permits to do so for low-income families.

Availability Of Federal Grant Funds For Emergency Housing In Michigan

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is open for the public and made available from October 1, 2018-September 30, 2019 for application.

For more info regarding this housing grant program, you can visit, https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mshda/MSHDA_ESG_NOFA_2018-2019_620015_7.pdf.

Find it and know your chances to win the grant so that you can ensure safety and health for you and your family. Go happy hunting for your dream house.

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Grants For Home Repair and Renovation

  1. Section 504 Home Repair Grants For Low Income Senior Citizens
  2. Free Window Replacement Grants For Low Income Families
  3. Home Repair Grants For Single Mothers
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For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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First Time Home Buyer Grants and Loans For Disabled Individuals

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Looking for housing, paying the mortgage, maintenance and bill payment can be a daunting task for low income earners especially with disability problem. The U.S. government, state agencies and nonprofit organizations offer financial assistance, guidance, counseling and other necessary support to the disables through varied grants and loan programs for the purchase of home, paying home debts, mortgages, acquiring equipment, home repairs and improvement and other such dwelling necessities.

With these grants a descent living even with limited economy seems to be affordable now.

First Time Home Buyer Grants For Disabled

First Time Home Buyer Grants for the Disabled

Department of Housing and Urban Development

There are many grant funded programs offered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for helping individuals with disabilities. They provide help in house purchase, renting a home and also assistance in obtaining housing vouchers. The federal housing program provides financial help to moderate or low-income families in renting or purchase of a house. The main goal of this program is to make renting and purchase affordable for people with limited economy. The section 8 in the program proposes subsidies for both home owners and tenants. The Homeownership Voucher program helps the low-income disabled by providing vouchers for reducing the monthly mortgage payment or house rent.

The program can be availed by contacting the local public housing authority (PHA) and in case the PHA's do not offer ownership as an option, housing counselors can be contacted in the respective state. They are appointed by HUD and are certified to assist individuals with housing needs.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an option for disabled or low-income individuals in getting aid with down payments or mortgage payments. They can also provide other assistance such as zero-step entries, wide doorways and other needs. 

This is a global Christian non-profit organization that specializes in building accessible homes, through the mortgages being given through local, private, state and federal sources, volunteer work and donations. If selected by the Habitat for Humanity’s family selection committee, then the organization will build the home.

The Habitat for Humanity has already built more than 450,000 houses all around the world, helping more than 1 million people spread across 3,000 communities to achieve a decent and affordable shelter. If you are also in need of a residence, apply for first time home buyer grants today, as after the initial application an average of 18 months is required for the Habitat for Humanity owners for attaining occupancy.

Home Ownership Voucher Program

Low level or moderate income disable families can now buy their shelter through the Home Ownership Voucher Program which is linked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Though not free of charge, this program enables in fulfilling monthly mortgage payments for the first time home buyers. The eligibility criteria for the program are:
  • Applicants need to owe a home for the first time
  • No family member should have had home ownership interest in the previous three years excepting displaced homemakers or single parent
  • At least one member of the family must be disabled
  • The annual income of the adult family members’ owning the home should not be less than a single residing individual’s monthly Federal Supplemental Security Income benefit multiplied by 12
  • The family also needs to fulfill the housing counseling program and pre-assistance homeownership of PHA

Fannie Mae Home Choice Program

Fannie Mae Community Home Choice program offers financial products and services across all states for the lower and middle income families. It helps low income or disabled individuals to buy a home by offering aids like smaller down payments, lenient credit evaluations and also provide them with mortgage-qualification aid which has lower debt-to-income requirement.

The U.S. government has more to offer. The Fair Housing Act, Supplemental Security Income, Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and several other organizations also offer housing disability grants for a well secured, reasonable and humble dwelling.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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June 19, 2020

HUD Housing Grants For Individuals-First Time Home Buyer Grants

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HUD housing grants for individuals: First time home buyer grants-Apply for individual HUD housing grants and get financial assistance and benefit programs from the government to reside in a decent affordable home.

If your are applying for HUD Housing grants as an individual i.e. not on behalf of an organization or nonprofit organization then you need to follow few important steps to keep in mind. Grants for individual applicants are limited and are not granted directly.

While applying for grants remember to select the ‘Individual’ option and then search for grants. The article will help you gain an insight about the key points to remember and the HUD housing grants that are available for individual applicants.
first time home buyer grants

Important Points to Remember Before You Apply

  • Individuals are not entitled to direct loans or grants from HUD. To get grants, individuals must contact local governments and nonprofit organizations that provide with financial assistance and counseling
  • Housing grants are not directly given to individuals. Mostly they are allocated to states and municipalities that are later distributed to eligible residents who qualify for the funds
  • The grants do not cover 100% of the housing cost
  • If you are a first time home buyer looking for federal grants then you need to attend Housing Counseling class approved by HUD. The counseling sessions provide an insight about the grant process and help organizing the finances that enables one to qualify for a mortgage.

Housing Grants/First Time Home Buyer Grants for Individuals

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Very low income families, individuals, elderly and the disabled are eligible for the program that offers safe, affordable and decent housing provisions. Applicants can select their own houses i.e. townhouses, single family homes and apartments.

Administered by the Public Housing Agencies (PHA), the applicants are issued housing vouchers to find suitable housing units. Once the owner agrees to rent the house under the program a housing subsidy is paid directly by the PHA to the landlord on behalf of the renter. The renter later pays the difference in the amount subsidized and the actual rent charged.

Assistance from Local Government

HUD grants are often allocated to state and local governments later to be granted to eligible participants. Contact your state and local government and county offices for assistance with housing grants.

Housing Counseling

HUD has a complete list of all housing counseling agencies throughout the country. Before looking for grants visit the agencies to get a complete knowledge of home purchasing, credit issues, renting, foreclosures, reverse mortgages, defaults etc.

Local Home Buyer Program

Several housing programs are often sponsored by accredited organizations and state and local governments-do look for them. For example in Texas there are housing resources for seniors and for emergency situations. Ohio provides rural housing programs and homeownership vouchers. Visit the HUD page for more information.

Privately and Publicly Owned Subsidized Housing

Public housings are subsidized federal rental property funded by HUD and managed by local housing authorities. You must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify as a renter and the housing authority determines your rent.

Private housings are owned by landlords and property management companies who offer their homes at reduced rates. The rent is decided either by the landlords or it depends on your monthly income.

Individual applicants can also check with the Benefits.gov for more information on housing grants, eligibility criteria through a free and confidential online screening tool. You may also apply for HUD loan programs. Research well and apply for HUD housing grants for individuals.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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June 15, 2020

Apply First Time Home Buyer Grants-Steps To Your Dream Home

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Apply first time home buyer grants to buy you dream house

A safe secured shelter is the need of every family but for low income families, having insufficient earnings and savings, purchasing a home can be a struggling experience. However, a roof over head is essential hence the government, states, local authorities and nonprofits offer grants, funds, loans and assistance that can help in purchasing town homes, apartments, home in cities, rural areas and suburbs.

If you are a first time home buyer then there are grants that can help you in realizing your dream of homeownership. Applying for the first time home buyer grants involves certain important steps that also need to be considered. Make a thorough research and start applying.

first time home buyer grants

First Time Home Purchasing Criteria

Usually first time home purchasing grants applies to those who have never acquired a home earlier but there are certain variations in the rule. The rules differ from state to state and there are some eligibility criteria to get qualified for the grants:

  • First time homeowner applicants must not have owned or purchased a home in the last three years
  • If he/she has bought a home it must be mobile and portable
  • Every state sets a limit on the income level and the applicants’ income need to be within the stated limit
  • Must be able to display financial needs

Assistance for First Time Home Buyer Grants

Low income families, single mothers, disabled people and needy individuals can avail varied first time home purchasing assistance programs (First Time Home Buyer Grants for Single Mothers) initiated by the government, charities, community agencies and recognized organizations. Fannie Mae, Habitat for Humanity, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Federal Housing Association (FHA) Loans, 203(b) Mortgage Insurance Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, AmeriDream Inc. and others have been formulated for eligible applicants seeking to buy a house.

Steps for First Time Home Purchasing Grants Program

There are few essential steps before you accomplish purchasing your dream home and reside independently with your dear ones. Let’s have a quick look at them
  • Start researching thoroughly about every available options, assistance, programs, grants, loans for home purchasing. Get in touch with your office of the community affairs and housing department, local government and state offices to get detailed information about housing programs
  • Check all the important government and non-government sites meticulously to note down home buying grants and programs available and get the updated information about requirements, eligibility criteria, income limits, purchase limits, procedures and the course of action required
  • Know about your own state and county rules for home purchasing as they differ state-wise and also check the income and purchase limits that depend on the number of household members
  • Contact a federally approved lender to get your loans or grants. Most government and state offices like CALHFA or the Ohio Housing Finance Agency offer assistance only through approved lender
  • Complete all your paper work in details scrupulously providing all the required details such as financial status, employment history, income level, household members, debts if you have, credit history, any recommendations to prove your reliability etc. Read through every specific point-it’s very important
Get the best help possible that fulfills your dream of homeownership. Research and start applying soon for your first time home buyer grants that offers a safe, secured and happy living experience with your family.

For full information, visit- https://www.homegrantsinfo.com/

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