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September 15, 2018

Fix Your Home With Free Home Repair Grants Damaged By Hurricane Florence

September 15, 2018 1
Apply For Free Federal Home Repair Grants Money Online To Fix Your Home Damaged by Hurricane Florence-Get Your Free Money For Home Improvement Today

Home repair grants are a relief to those, who lost their residences and everything to nature’s fury. Federal funding support of any sort comes as a breather to get back to normal life and raises a hope to start afresh everything aftermath. The recent cruelty of Hurricane Florence has been declared as a National Disaster by the U.S President Donald Trump, which has affected as many as 8 North Carolina counties.

If you are a citizen of North Carolina, and your home has been damaged in Hurricane Florence, there is a respite for you. You can avail federal grant support to fund your home repair to some length irrespective of if you rent it or own it. To apply for the federal funding assistance, you do not need to have any insurance coverage.

Presidents Assurance As A Fund Relief For Home Repairs
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On being requested by Governor Roy Cooper, President Donald Trump has issued an emergency in North Carolina following the devastating disaster by Hurricane Florence and declared this natural calamity as an official disaster. The declaration came forward from the President as soon as Cooper held a congressional delegation meet with 15 members of the boards and requested Trump for the disaster declaration.

This prompt action has been initiated to help affected victims of the massive storm recover as soon as possible from the damage with the available federal resources.

Federal Grants For Home Repairs Affected by Hurricane Florence

All eight counties in North Carolina, including Brunswick, Beaufort, Carteret, New Hanover, Craven, Pamlico, Onslow, and Pender are set to receive relief funds from federal government agency FEMA or better known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help aid home repairs as local recovery efforts. The confirmation has been made public via a White House Press Release.
The federal grants program is aimed at offering financial supports for temporary housing, low-cost loans to recover property losses and also home repairs. Under this financial aid program, individuals and businesses are eligible to find assistance too.

At the same time, federal funding is also available for several nonprofit organizations, local, or tribal groups to carry out emergency works on a cost-sharing basis. The funding will also be used to remove hazards from the disaster sites on a cost-sharing basis.

To operate the hazard mitigation initiative, Albert Lewis is handed over the responsibility by FEMA. 
With these federal financial aids being available for every citizen all across these eight counties in NC and its tribal region, you can also apply for home repairs. Be remembered, the federal grants are available from various sources right at the moment rather than just FEMA only. All you need is just a proactive approach to apply for it and get the grants quickly.

Apply to FEMA

In order to apply to FEMA for home repair grants, you need to produce several valid identification proofs to FEMA, and they comprise,
Yearly household income
Your Social Security Number or the same of your child living with you
Details of your bank account and contact information

Keep in mind, the grant amount is available until the resources last in the funds. Your first application may be denied due to lack of proper resources, but you will be notified once the fund is available.

For the loss of property in Hurricane Florence, you are eligible to get financial aid for those not covered by your insurer. In addition, FEMA provides federal grant assistance only for residences damaged by the natural calamity, and it never supports any aid for vacation homes.

Other than FEMA, you can apply for small business administration loan during the natural calamity. For more info on it, you can visit, https://disasterloan.sba

Be hopeful and alert so that you can get financial aid at the times of your adversity. 

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