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June 15, 2020

Apply First Time Home Buyer Grants-Steps To Your Dream Home

Apply first time home buyer grants to buy you dream house

A safe secured shelter is the need of every family but for low income families, having insufficient earnings and savings, purchasing a home can be a struggling experience. However, a roof over head is essential hence the government, states, local authorities and nonprofits offer grants, funds, loans and assistance that can help in purchasing town homes, apartments, home in cities, rural areas and suburbs.

If you are a first time home buyer then there are grants that can help you in realizing your dream of homeownership. Applying for the first time home buyer grants involves certain important steps that also need to be considered. Make a thorough research and start applying.

first time home buyer grants

First Time Home Purchasing Criteria

Usually first time home purchasing grants applies to those who have never acquired a home earlier but there are certain variations in the rule. The rules differ from state to state and there are some eligibility criteria to get qualified for the grants:

  • First time homeowner applicants must not have owned or purchased a home in the last three years
  • If he/she has bought a home it must be mobile and portable
  • Every state sets a limit on the income level and the applicants’ income need to be within the stated limit
  • Must be able to display financial needs

Assistance for First Time Home Buyer Grants

Low income families, single mothers, disabled people and needy individuals can avail varied first time home purchasing assistance programs (First Time Home Buyer Grants for Single Mothers) initiated by the government, charities, community agencies and recognized organizations. Fannie Mae, Habitat for Humanity, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Federal Housing Association (FHA) Loans, 203(b) Mortgage Insurance Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, AmeriDream Inc. and others have been formulated for eligible applicants seeking to buy a house.

Steps for First Time Home Purchasing Grants Program

There are few essential steps before you accomplish purchasing your dream home and reside independently with your dear ones. Let’s have a quick look at them
  • Start researching thoroughly about every available options, assistance, programs, grants, loans for home purchasing. Get in touch with your office of the community affairs and housing department, local government and state offices to get detailed information about housing programs
  • Check all the important government and non-government sites meticulously to note down home buying grants and programs available and get the updated information about requirements, eligibility criteria, income limits, purchase limits, procedures and the course of action required
  • Know about your own state and county rules for home purchasing as they differ state-wise and also check the income and purchase limits that depend on the number of household members
  • Contact a federally approved lender to get your loans or grants. Most government and state offices like CALHFA or the Ohio Housing Finance Agency offer assistance only through approved lender
  • Complete all your paper work in details scrupulously providing all the required details such as financial status, employment history, income level, household members, debts if you have, credit history, any recommendations to prove your reliability etc. Read through every specific point-it’s very important
Get the best help possible that fulfills your dream of homeownership. Research and start applying soon for your first time home buyer grants that offers a safe, secured and happy living experience with your family.

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