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July 3, 2022

Replace Home Windows With Free Window Replacement Grants

Window replacement grants for low income families-Forget your financial worries and get free money to repair and replace windows for better home energy efficiency and comfortable living.

Well equipped windows are essential for comfortable living and hence replacement and repair are needed in case of any damage. Broken windows can cause infiltration of cold air, chilly window pane, and air conduction through panes hence causing an increase in heating costs. A well equipped and remodeled window can save 10-20 percent of energy costs.

To support low income families grants and financial assistance is provided by the government, nonprofits, utility companies, and housing agencies that help in replacement or up-gradation of windows. Let us have a look at the new window replacement grants.

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free grants to replace windows

Energy Star Windows

Families using Energy Star-qualified windows, skylights, and doors save an average of 12 percent on their energy bills and get tax credits up to $1,500 from the government. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy administer the Energy Star cooperative program.

Energy Star Windows have low emissivity coatings on windows, doors, and skylights that reduce UV sun damage to the house. Few essential points to know:

1) Energy Star windows save energy bills by using less energy and saving more

2) These certified windows help in keeping the temperature of the house at a comfortable level by covering up the overheated spaces and cold drafts

3) There is a special coating on the window glass that acts as a sunscreen, thus protecting the house

Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Program

The program is financed by the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The primary aim of the program is to assist low-income families to upgrade their homes and appliances for energy conservation and reduced electricity bills. The homes of the eligible applicants are physically and financially inspected by officers of HUD before the funds are granted.

Weatherization Assistance Program

WAP is sponsored by the Department of Energy to financially support low-income families to update their homes and repair their windows for energy saving. A grant amount of $5 billion is given to local and state governments which are later disbursed to eligible applicants for their window replacement or other energy savings repair work or weatherization of homes.

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Applicants must be below the poverty level and must be US citizens to apply for the program. Apply with the state weatherization agency to avail of the grants.

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USDA Rural Repair Rehabilitation Grants

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated the Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants that provide financial assistance for repairing, remodeling or modification of houses, upgrading of appliances, and removing of any health hazards.

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There are eligibility criteria for the USDA program-

a. Applicants must be US citizens or should be residing permanently in the country

b. Should be the homeowner and occupant of the house

c. The income level must be less than 50 percent of the area median income.

Self Help Homeownership Opportunity Program

Below poverty families who build their individual homes are entitled to receive a $15,000 grant amount. Families facing a financial crisis may avail the grant for replacing their windows or upgrading their homes.

You may also apply with the utility companies, local government, and nonprofits for replacement or repairing of windows to save energy and reduce your bills. Start applying for windows replacement grants now.


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